In California I dream of snow.

berry delight

I should give a proper recounting of my latest trip down to the Bay area. It was a great visit. KFR, Re-B, and A. (+J!) were there to welcome me to the Golden state with fun and food (see the above picture). Lots of food. And vino. Not as much vino. The reunion was fantastic, particularly considering that A. was on another continent for the last 9 months and shall make another trip to other continents here soon.

On the work side, things went just as well. My presentation went swimmingly and my Big Doings meeting proved quite fruitful as well. Let's see here, what else was good??? Breeze, the nice horse I rode around for a bit, didn't buck me off. Believe me, he was so antsy in the beginning I believed getting bucked off was a distinct possibility.

Finally, I wrapped up the week with another entertaining dinner with A. and J. We went to a fantastically yummy pizza joint and stuffed ourselves appropriately. Good times.

self portrait on horse breeze


boxfactoryboy said...

Aren't horses great....one of Gods truly beautiful creatures. Right in there with cats.

boxfactoryboy said...

Forgot to say....could you make that dessert for me next time we are there or you are here? Gotta have it and the season is about right.

SuperJew said...

Miss E! You are not allowed to come to the Bay without letting me know. Boo on you! :(