Once again, The Crud; or, I blame Las Vegas

coma inducing, more like it.

If one were to look back over the last month of postings, one would see hints and glimmers of complaining... words like "am still hacking away" as well as specific number of days with said cough. Smart me, finally went to the doctor... a month after it started. Yeah. Bronchitis. Apparently bronchitis is a favorite illness of mine as this is the 3rd time I've had it in a year and a half. It was totally deceptive though! Never really noticed any tell-tale signs of sickness: chills, body-aches, fever, etc. Just the cough.

Apparently, "acute bronchitis can result from breathing irritating fumes, such as those of tobacco smoke or polluted air." Thus, I blame Las Vegas. Stupid smoking everywhere except within 200ft of food.



Dolce Vita said...

Look what you've taught all of us about visiting Las Vegas - stay near food at all times.

I hope that the scary meds kick it out of you (the crud, that is).

Trust in Steel said...

I hope your health finally starts to turn the corner. You might be the one person I know who consistently feels physically worse than I do lately. Be well!

Anonymous said...

I'd say come and visit, especially since the trade winds will be in effect this weekend. But there have been some days here where i thought i was still in the land of tall trees and wet climates. That and the occasional sulfur smell.

Going to Honolulu this weekend should be interesting.

Rachel said...

ew... I hope you feel better soon!