6, six, sixth, 6, six

  • times I've play the song "I want to sex you up" by Color Me Bad in iTunes.... woot! This one, ironically, is nestled between Ms. Bonnie Raitt ("Your Good Thing Is About to End") and Mr. David Gray ("Shine") by play count
  • weeks of bike maintenance class I had. No more. boo.
  • place (in historic stats) for number of saves in a single season
  • approximate number of minutes spent washing dishes tonight
  • multiplied by three equals the number of days with a hacking cough


Cabiria said...

On the plus side, end of bike class means back to "knitting." Woo-hoo!

boxfactoryboy said...

By the way....had you considered taking the class again? Maybe you missed something the first time around. Or you could get the special tool to take the cones apart so you could really do it in class!

In your spare time now though you could take a look at your uncles new blog "code 3 my ass"!

SuperJew said...

Dude, I've totally had this weird hacking cough for several dudes too! Not to sound super-Seinfeld, but "what is the deal with this cough?" Is it allergies for you? Or illness? Oh and by the by, we need to plan our next reunion soon. I'll be moved back to Cali in a month (aka, beginning the process of West coast regaining of sanity) and thus must have plans to see your lovely face again soon...perhaps another visit to big lumberjacks and their blue oxes? ;) Are you gonna be down in the Bay for work soon?

SuperJew said...

Oops I meant several days...not dudes!