testing security

chrysanthemum tea

My trip down to the Bay was a successful one. Not only did I participate in Big Doings, I was able to watch Lost with KFR and Beetlegirl and see A. on her last trip home from Taiwan before June.

Only one thing could have tripped me up. A. kindly gave me some chrysanthemum tea to bring home... in a baggie. Said baggie of tea hung out in my purse right next to my prescribed muscle relaxant and vicoden. Yeah. I've been pulled aside more than once at SFO; the TSA even made me step into the Super Sniffer (the machine that can detect a nucleon or quark from an evil substance that was on your clothes 5 days ago) on more than one occasion. You could have seen my face on the evening news with the headline: Evil-doing terrorist/evil-doer no match for the TSA. Then the TSA people would have loaded the audience with their own people to ask softball questions a la FEMA at the resulting press conference. Madness.

Good thing I was able to run the gauntlet.


the rambler said...

yay! Glad you made it through with the contraband!

Matto said...

Throw some aspirin in your purse and you'll be a country doctor.

boxfactoryboy said...

Golly, I hope it tastes better than it looks. Such a rebel.

Cabiria said...

Ha! That tea looks tasty (seriously). Way to evade security. Somehow I made it through Tampa airport security a few days ago with an almost entirely full water bottle. In Portland on the way there they made us dump the remaining teaspoon out of the same bottle, for fear of our terrorist water-drinking ways. Apparently they're not as concerned about the over-80 terrorists, so Tampa's security is a little lighter.