Smurf Family

Smurf Family
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So, my sister's 30th birthday was last week. She had herself a nice little party held in a building that will be razed at some point here in the near future. I have to say, that might be the way to go. Find yourself an empty building that won't stand much longer and go crazy.

The sis had a big day to check of her life list and I had a much smaller accomplishment, but one of note, methinks. I put my foot through a wall. On purpose. Perhaps "through" is a bit too much, but that wall knew I was there. So, without further ado, a list of highlights:
- seeing the immediate and extended fam
- putting my foot through a wall
- watching my sister sing her own birthday karaoke song. FANTASTIC
- stepping out the back of the house to get a hot dog from the hot dog guy hired to cater the evening. sweet.
- seeing a hat on my mom's head. It never happens.
- the costumes!*... Ponch!, Don Johnson, prom queens, Tiffany, Molly Ringwald...
- the destruction the next morning. Hilarious.

There's more, but that's all you'll get for now.

* the bro did not dress up, thus he's not in the pic. boo.


Ginny said...

Lucky us, being part of the revelry. You're a great chronicler of life events...love the photos, as always. Smurfs Rule!! xoxo

Matto said...

Now that is a frickin' list of accomplishments!

boxfactoryboy said...

Hear Hear..... A good time had by all. Especially those who took the time to get in costume! And the Hot Dog vendor was nothing short of pure class. My family really knows how to do one up I'd say. I think I'll save the hat, maybe be a Gnome next time I need a costume? Kudos to he Nerd for making the trip, no short drive. Ponch will go down in history for the politically incorrect photos taken with his crew though much to my chagrin. Great Job Kids!

Trust in Steel said...

Glad you had a great time! Well done!

the rambler said...

such smurfy cuteness!