Super Nerd

Super E.

So.... I have a few things to report.
  • attended my first football game... cause, you know, I have school spirit and stuff
  • attended my first roller derby EVENT... that one needs to marinate before I can fully appreciate the enormity of the spectacle
  • brilliant sunshiny day today. John Denver would approve (if he hadn't crashed in the ocean)
  • home office modification.
  • microbrew beer in a can.
  • am now frying expert.


SuperJew said...

And what might you be frying these days?
And where on earth did you go for roller derby? Is this a Eugene local phenom, or did you treck out of town for this? Is is true that they are allowed to shove each other and try to knock each other over while rollering?

kungfuramone said...

What the crap happened in that picture? Is that some crazy photoshop FX?!

Matto said...

Does John Denver cry when it is sunny because he has to squint so much? I feel his pain, its a bright sunny day in Colorado and I'm doing some serious squinting.

Dolce Vita said...

Yeah, what are you frying?

Did you use mac's PhotoBooth to do that photo? I just discovered this program and I think I will experiment....

another kind of nerd said...

Yes to the PhotoBooth. Fried bits= anything that can fit in wonton bits.... Mwa ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!

boxfactoryboy said...

Ok, new toy, staying up late(10:45) and lord knows what else! Should we be concerned? So many firsts, an intervention in order maybe? Frying expert, hell, you could have had that years ago just by going to grandma. I am glad you learned something growing up, John Denver would have approved.