my dogs are barkin'

This girl is tired. Gone for 5 days... five days filled with meetings and presentations, etc. In case anyone was wondering, my presentation with the clip from Cabaret went swimmingly. Lots of laughing and even a request for the link. I'm not kidding. A hit. Big hit.

Not that it was all work, work, work. Besides seeing my coworkers who are largely entertaining individuals in their own right, I was able to visit the venerable KFR and B. I'm pleased to report an evening of food, wine, and music video assured me all was right in their world (except for the whole loud neighbor crap). Pesto is as cute and as difficult to photograph as ever. As a result of some poor planning on my part, I wasn't able to spend that much time with them. But anything is better than nothing, right?

ps: there were two Hug Attttaaaaaaaaaacks. One from me and one delivered on behalf of the brilliant A. Mission accomplished. Shock and Awe hugs.


Matto said...

Way to go on the great presentation. Cabaret was a great idea.

the rambler said...

Yay for presentation success & hug attack delivery!

Rachel said...

Cabaret is playing live at the fifth avenue theatre in Seattle next spring. Maybe you should check it out. Congrats on the presentation!