Money, and such

Once again I embark on another adventure down the Left Coast. I felt this particular clip from Cabaret apropos as I'm using it in a presentation I'll be giving later this morning on this very topic. I have difficulty drumming up enthusiasm to talk about money if things like class, race, gender, etc. aren't involved. My natural instinct is to shrug. So, why not let Liza make it entertaining? The gal I will be presenting with lives in Cali and, let me tell ya, that does not leave time for Cabaret rehearsals.

On more important topics, I will venture to the land of KFR, Beetles, and bunnies while on my trip. Woot! Hug Attttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Nerds of all varieties!


Dolce Vita said...

So, you won't be venturing all the way down the left coast?

another kind of nerd said...

Sorry, m'dear. I haven't figured out how to get that far south.