So, yesterday was a day for adventures...

Part I: Slight Detour - On my way out of town I saw the Bat Signal and thus had to stop into work to render needed assistance. There was only so much I could do.
Part II: The Not So Open Road - My path up into the woods was hampered by vast quantities of road construction. No matter, I persevered and once off the main road things went swimmingly. I found the spot in the woods where some of us went fishing earlier in the summer and hiked about.
Part III: Bad High School Photography - Part of my adventure was taking my roommates fancy camera loaded with snappy Black & White Neopan 400. I'm afraid to develop the film. Yes, I will develop the film. Being a bad high school photographer when actually in high school is acceptable. I have not had that excuse for a number of years. What I was unable to capture on film is still in my head, though. It was fantastic. Beautiful mountain stream filled with boulders below, leaves of yellow and orange mixed in with the evergreens. Every time the wind blew a passel of leaves would float slowly to the ground. Really, it was as if the trees were having a paper plane throwing contest, for both distance and style.
Part IV: The Drive Back - The drive back was infinately more satisfying than up. There were points well up in the mountains where cars hadn't been for awhile, crisp leaves strewn about the road. As all my windows were down, I had the pleasure of listening to them crack as I drove over them. They sounded like a sting of Black Cat fire crackers going off the next block over. Really, I love running through and/or kicking piles of leaves, part of the whole Fall experience. I guess I had my car equivalent yesterday.
Part V: Slight Detour, Take 2 - On my way back down to town I received a call from the roommate. He was going fishing at one of his favorite spots and would I like to go with? "Of course. Its a day for adventure." I pulled off the road at the appropriate meeting point, ventured down to the shore of the river and took a little rest while waiting. He arrived, we went, he caught fish, I watched the river go by and took more bad pictures. On our way back to town we stopped at a road side pizza place and feasted.

All in all, a great day.

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