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Lost Disclaimer- I don't like to analyze Lost. I like to ask questions and make insignificant comments that make no contribution to the larger Lost conspiracy world nor further any sort of hypothetical plot line. One such theory, however, was offered up last night: "The island is actually Antarctica. It's because of global warming." The government just doesn't want us to know...

Hmmm.... Lost, Season 2, Episode 2:

1. Kate and Sawyer sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G... (C-Dub, thanks for your well-timed return to adolescence.)
2. But seriously, must Kate wear that dress the whole season? Should we start counting the number of ass shots now? At least there has been a relatively equal exploitation of beautiful people thus far.
3. Could they really make Henry/Ben any more creepy? Example- "You never made soup for me." (Stage Direction: blankly blink creepy eyes and stare... continue throughout show)
4. Where is Desmond? Where is Mr. Eko? Why are the coolest people on the show only appearing in episode 3 (maybe)?
5. I'm with you, Chris, the Others are way cooler. Here's my one plot-line contribution (not to be contradictory... whatev)- The blonde lady will woo Jack, they will have their trist, she will then tear his head off with her bare hands because she is, in fact, a Praying Mantis.
6. Enough Jin-Sun reunions. Move on people.
7. How can you shoot Trixie? Trixie!?


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Rachel said...

the english students here, when they run out of real questions to ask, start asking which shows I watch. Lost has not yet come up, although Desperate Housewives, the OC, Gilmore Girls, Malcolm in the Middle, the Simpsons, Grey's Anatomy, and South Park have come up.

By the way, this means that these shows + George Bush is what they know about American culture. Their last few assistants were Brits. Pretty fun kids, though.