Wedding Ninja

My goodness gracious. The skill and concentration it takes to be a wedding ninja can really wear on a person. I left early yesterday morning for the 2:00pm wedding a mere 5 hours away. Luckily my outfit of style and panache of some posts ago does well in a car and managed to pick up some compliments along the way. Go Team! The real test of my ninja skills, however, came during the 1.5 hour ceremony. 1.5 hour Catholic ceremony... with perhaps THE most pious and self-righteous, did I mention boring and thoroughly devoid of wit, priest EVER. I must be going straight to hell. There were about 3 points during the homily where I just about busted out the throwing stars packed away in my purse. For our edification, a homily is "a tedious moralizing lecture." As it was a Catholic wedding, the reception had plenty of vino (by the grace of God) and things improved. I saw old friends and hung out with the folks. This morning I hopped in my little car and hit the road again for the 5 hour return trip. People to see, things to do and all that.

Observe, the stealth shoes of the ninja.

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