Joy and German Beer

This evening has been filled with joy and a little disappointment. I left work with no greater desire than to play a few games of pool. But alas, it was not to be. My usual pool friend, who generally kicks my ass, had a previous engagement. Balls. My other usual pool friend went off and moved to South Dakota for the summer... last June. As if fighting wildland fires is really that important anyway. Despite this, I called and asked. Sometimes one has to make the attempt in life even if the outcome will almost assuredly be unfavorable. Though he was unavailable for pool, we had a nice chat. He counselled me to either a) open the bottle of wine that is still (patiently) waiting on my counter or b) walk down to the corner market and pick myself up a good bottle of German beer. I opted for plan B, got my good bottle of German beer, then had another delightful call from another friend on the walk back. It is now time to extol the virtues of German beer. German beer is so good you could mix it with either a Cola or banana puree and it's still good. Budweiser, eat your heart out. One beer I find particularly charming is from the Brauerei Schwelm, the Schwelmer Pils. Run to your nearest and dearest distributor of German beer and request it. This Pils has the most delightful and surprising hints of honey, it just sneaks up on you. Lecker. Friends + good German beer = joy. I'm so easy.

So we're all on the same page.
Look for this label.

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