Things of interest; with such problems as these; or is that with such friends as these? No matter. I offer some snippets form the past week:
  1. I'm currently drinking coffee out of a mug that reads, "Atheist Wine Club - Celebrating 'life before-death.'"
  2. I'll marvel at my own purchasing power when I return to the States in September, the US dollar to US dollar conversion being what it is.
  3. The church bells, they ring. Really, it never ends.
  4. I get to go watch the US play Japan in the Women's World Cup final. This is indescribably rad for a whole mess of reasons.
  5. Ferry schedules will be understood! I have to go to what island to get to which island?
  6. Less than a week until the sister arrives.
  7. The "New York Times" restrictions on the amount of articles one can view in a month could cut down on my ability to stay in the loop. Until one remembers to clear their cache and dump their cookies.
  8. Spotify comes to the US! Embrace it friends! It's a great way to test-drive music. Think of it as the little booths or headphones one used to find in your local music shop.
  9. 9 is a beautiful number.


Esther K said...

As in watch the US team play LIVE? You'll be present for the game?!!!! Sa-weeeet!

another kind of nerd said...

Was at the game, E. On the end that the Penalty Kicks were taken, near the players families. I was about 15 people away from Tiffeny Milbrett.