All that time wasted.

Not really. My title is merely intentionally provocative, the opening salvo. Tomorrow I'm travelling on a jet plane to Germany. Thus I present the UK in list form:

  • Tweeds really are that fun.
  • This island is really small.
  • Real Ale is a fancy name for warmish, flat beer.*
  • People dress fancy in the office. Way fancier than on the West Coast.
  • Edinburgh = AMAZING.
  • Snowdonia = Fantastic Middle Earth adventures.
  • It's all about the gravy.
  • HP sauce should be imported to the US.
  • Mind the gap!
  • I'm convinced there is a conspiracy to keep me away from Westminster.
  • "Posh" is a word used all the time with a meaning that I don't fully comprehend.**
  • The only way to survive is to not think about the US Dollar to British Pound Sterling exchange rate.
  • Bacon or sausage sandwiches for breakfast rule.
  • Proper pubs, when you find them, are magical places.

When things slow down next week I'll have some pictures of Edinburgh to offer. Until then, as Christian Slater said in the epic film "Pump Up the Volume," Talk Hard.

* Part of me really enjoys the adherence to this traditional pub fare. The other part of me just screams out for German beer or my beloved Pacific Northwest offerings.
** The British preoccupation with class bubbles up at the strangest times and in the strangest ways.


kungfuramone said...

Real Ale really sucks.

Datemeuk said...

Bacon and sausage on the same sandwich = Amazing.

I hope you had fun on our island.