"I pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary."

I might have almost peed my pants last night watching Glee when Brittany uttered the phrase, "I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary." If I had a cat or kept a diary for that matter, I'm pretty sure it would look something like this:

Dear Diary,

This week has been crazy busy with experimental cooking which turned out better than one might expect. But things are good for me right now! I bowled a 136 on Monday night even though a power outage at the bowling alley totally broke my concentration. If I'm honest, it was all luck, not skill. Oh. And the hot pink size 8 ball. The hot pink definitely helps. La. I'm nervous for the alumni game on Saturday and hope I don't hurt myself. The last time I played (2 years ago) the oldest alumni was 28. I'm beyond that now, so hopefully I'm not the oldest. Eek! Wish me luck! (Is it weird to ask my diary for help? Or write side-bar comments like the parentheses block out the diary?)


Important side note: sending good vibes down to the SC for Re-B, KFR, and their new Baby X!


boxfactoryboy said...

So dont start a diary when you come home or Harley might read it! Nah, if it doesnt include sleep, eating or being petted on someones lap I am pretty sure he is not going to do it. But I do think that line is a keeper, sure to evoke some kind of response when you casually mention it.

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