travel plans and such

BCC Blackboard: trip art
Things of passing interest to pretty much three people:
  • Thinking on KFR's salt predicament makes my heart hurt.
  • I'm starting to giggle like a school girl when I think about my trip (see above photo).
  • I'm not in crazy packing mode for my trip yet, which is actually astounding.
  • I still love Florence + the Machine.
  • If I had a dream of meeting someone on the streets on London, it would be David Gray.
  • If I could steal voices like Ursela from Disney's The Little Mermaid, it would be Annie Lennox's voice.
  • Coffee in the morning is delicious.
  • I no longer judge people who buy decaf coffee. They're doin' what they've got to do to continue to enjoy that delicious elixir of life. I must be maturing.
  • For anyone, like me, who has to use Instant Messenger consistently, I offer unicorns. I'd also like to give a shout-out to "the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, making websites sparkle around the world."


Esther K said...

Bullets 7 & 8 have me frothing at the mouth this afternoon!

Another European adventure for the Bug! Saa-weeeeet!!!!

boxfactoryboy said...

I believe at this point I would be getting a little excited!