the matrix?

A friend of mine from work sent me this lovely window into an untapped culinary world the other day. It proved to be an entertaining distraction and we both agreed that the hotdog bits with spaghetti through them looked like those machines that attacked Neo in The Matrix. Anyway, I suppose you could make an adult version of Spaghetti-Os with this? Scary.

In the realm of updates, I've got a few to make:
  • am currently slightly obsessed with the new Neko Case album.
  • am currently residing on the outskirts of migraine land.
  • am currently annoyed at the travel part of work travel... just air plane annoyance.
  • am currently overjoyed with visions of a Hug Atttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the Bay area.
  • am currently trying not to squeal every 5 minutes with Big Travel plans which are rapidly approaching.
I think that's a pretty good list. I had an excellent time lazing about last weekend and look forward to making some Chili for friends this weekend. That's right people. THE Chili.

Neko Case: This Tornado Loves you ... a song explanation: this is a love song from a tornado to someone. The album, Middle Cyclone, is just fantastic.

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Esther K said...

Ok, that photo is GROSS!