Bosco the WunderDog no dogs, cats or pot bellied pigs
the Bubble Gum Wall post alley graffiti?
the Lusty Lady Sully's

I made it up to Seattle last weekend for the first time in way too long. It was fantastic to hang out, play some pool, see the sights, and just be. Unfortunately I missed two kickball games, but it was well worth it. Please enjoy some of the pictures from the weekend. Among my faves is the brick wall... if you go to my flickr site and see the large version of the image you'll be able to pick out the thousands of pieces of gum that decorate wall of the building.


Anonymous said...

Love the Seattle photogs... or phodogs... really cute pictures of Bosco. Was this the new camera? And the wall was germ filled interesting. .. Mom

The Bandit said...

That dog is sooo handsome!

Esther K said...

As much as I love the pictures, you need to call me the next time you're in Seattle!!!