a mixed bag, but on the whold, pretty good

Things to report from the last week or so:
  • being iced in is lame. even with the latest technologies to keep me entertained. much prefer the option to leave.
  • migraines have been scarce lately. BUT! I did have a glass of wine last night and do have something extremely funky going on in my head at the moment. there could, however, be another explanation... no established patterns regarding wine yet.
  • my powers of persuasion and coordination combined with a general feeling of if-not-now-when? to create an extended international trip this spring. On the docket we've got Germany, Ireland, a certain trailer in the Alps with a hot cup of J├Ągertee, and mayhaps even Istanbul (not Constantinople)
  • I'm behind in my Christmas shopping.
  • I'm extremely happy with the fact that I won't be working at all next week.
  • I'm extremely happy with the fact that I'll be working the week after next.

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Cabiria said...

Hope you made it north through the snow and ice okay! Happy Christmas!