goodbye, october

Ah, bittersweet remembrances of the best set of leaves I've seen in 4 years. Its fitting that the rain should come today to scare the last hints of gold and red from the trees. Le sigh. How I love October. The leaves. The crisp air. The necessity of sweaters. The beasties. The fact that October falls so close to two of the lamest months on record (August for the never-ending heat and November for the simple fact that it is not, and never can be, October) only adds to the wonder.

May you have wonderful Halloweens to set you down the path of November. And may I have a reprieve from the migraines that feel like my head is trying to turn itself inside-out through my right eye socket. Just thought I'd add that last bit in there for some good virtual thoughts.


kungfuramone said...

You're entirely too hard on November, but otherwise you're correct about everything.

Sorry about the migraines, as ever.

Dolce Vita said...

I hope you don't unleash your inner-migrate this evening. That's just too frightening - go for scary, not really terrifying.

(I hope you feel better.)