Projectiles and Chunks.

I, my friends, am enrolled in a beginning woodworking class.  This is not the first time I've taken such a class.  But I think we can all agree that 1997 was awhile ago.  Anyhoo, in case you're wondering, I'm building a butcher block table.  When all is said and done, the table will be approximately 17"deep x 26"wide 34"high.  Tonight I glued the strips that will form the top together (cherry and walnut! thanks for asking!).  Next class I'll cut that into strips once again on the table saw.  That's right, Bitches! The TABLE SAW!  So I'll now offer up some fun things from that class in list form of no particular order:
  • Repeated use of the words "projectiles" and "chunks" in the same sentence (with the variant "a good chunk" thrown in for good measure)
  • I was informed of a number of places to find "exotic woods"
  • Mortise hole!  (I imagine this being used as a disparaging comment along the lines of "Dill Weed!"
  • Repeated use of the phrase "decorative fashion"... Its fun to say.  Try it.  You might like it.
  • Quick drying glue!  One is magically transported back to kindergarten with a disc of glue drying in the palm of the hand.
  • Saw dust, lumber, and the detritus of woodworking in a contained room smells good.
One last  comment on the whole process of glue.  I had to use so much glue to ensure it coated all of the surface area for all the strips I had quite a bit squeeze out.  This excess glue created the coolest collection of stalactite and stalagmite forms.  Did I mention I'm a nerd?  I tried to capture it with the cell phone as it was all I had.



kungfuramone said...

You can be such a mortise hole sometimes.

Anonymous said...

awesome! I hope you keep posting pictures for us to see!

Anonymous said...

Just wait until you get to use the pneumatic tools, such fun… sounds like a good class.

Don’t forget the homework of watching New Yankee workshop, with Norm Abrams. http://www.newyankee.com/index.php
He likes to use the dado bits. And another term you might like. Biscuit cutter, and Lamello Dosicol to glue the biscuits together.
The Graceland for woodworkers: http://www.newyankee.com/tour.php

Wear your PPE,


Rachel said...

woodworking always looked like so much fun, then I would remember that i'm not especially coordinated and would decide that perhaps another hobby would be a better choice. :) Neat perspective.