the checkers form!

tabletop to cut blade
exposed grain clamping the top - back view

I finally brought in my camera for some pictures of my class project, the butcher block table. Last night, in addition to cutting and gluing the strips into their checkerboard pattern, I also made the cuts for my table legs.... on the TABLE SAW! I think the table saw falls into that category where distance makes the heart grow fonder. Well, I should say I feel better about my use of the table saw this morning. The fact is, I sort of approach it like house plant: I send it good vibes, talk to it, tell some jokes. You know, as you do.

On a side note, I've felt compelled over the last couple of months to state emphatically that peanut butter is the food of the gods. Mead? Nah. Cacao? hmmmm. Coffee? Okay, coffee is close. Give me peanut butter and coffee please. I can call it breakfast and have a fantastic start to the day! Huzzah!


Dolce Vita said...

I'm so glad you brought your camera to class. I like to see the step-by-step. And this project is so cool! (Now, I want to take a woodworking class....)

By the way, you are right on about peanut butter. It is pure deliciousness. I think that the variety of peanut can also make it better (all those people eating jiff all these years have been missing out).

The Bandit said...

Looks like it is going to be pretty swwweeeet!

boxfactoryboy said...

Ah, young apprentice, I see you have a healthy respect for your tools. Always a good plan if you like your digits. Looking forward to your progress. I can see I taught you well, peanut butter rates right up there with the food of the gods.