Illicit Bubbles!

Illicit Bubbles: spotted!
If one were to look closely at this image, one might see illicit bubbles in the fountain. C. and I spotted this whilst out'n about doing some Sunday movie-watching-craft-hunting-obscure-connector-cable-sleuthing... you know, as you do. It provided a nice little exclamation point to a moderately successful outing. Successful insofar as the movie was good and C. found all her crafting necessities and more. Meanwhile, my quixotic quest to resuscitate my circa 1999 printer with a magical cable-adapter-thingy continues. Next stop Radio Shack! C. assured me my chances of success were good at that particular establishment as that was now their entire business model: making out of date things work with shiny new technology. She was even, dare I say it, confident that they had some cable that would allow users to hook their trusty 8-track players up to their iPods so Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits could live on in the digital age.

Bubbles. Yeah. They're fun. We're hoping for some green ones on St. Patrick's Day.


Matto said...

Those bubbles are great. I actually tried to do that once in RC but didn't use enough bubbles so the result wasn't nearly as effervescent.

Dolce Vita said...

I saw some of those illicit bubbles the other day in a fancy stripmall fountain. I was also amused. I wonder if it is part of a trend....

I must say, though, that green bubbles is inspired!