2/3rds ain't enough

Once again I'll walk around town with my arms covered, lest people see the bruise developing at the crook of my arm. That's right, I gave the people at the blood bank a run for their money. First, the vein rolled (I usually have good ones!). The nurses quickly got things got back on track and the blood poured forth just fine. Then, of all things, the cuff lost pressure. You see, when the cuff loses pressure, the blood coagulates. Not good when donating blood. They couldn't get it going again, so my donation time was cut short.... short in the sense that I was about 4 to 5 ounces short of meeting the donation requirement. Disappointment. I gave just enough blood to really deserve the list of things to avoid for the next 24 hours (power walking, hot tub parties, etc.) but not enough to send out into the world.

Biohazard. That's what I gave.

So, now I'm feeling a bit lackadaisical... both from the donation and lack of donation, as it were. Indeed, I saw a gentleman in a Cadillac doing some serious car dancing... I couldn't immediately discern whether he was dancing vigorously or having a seizure. Ah well, the blood will be back to 100% soon enough.


kungfuramone said...

I can't believe no hot tub parties! Your evening routine is ruined!

Matto said...

Is car dancing growing in popularity? I heartily endorse it if it is.