At the moment...

Things I know about myself at the moment:
  • I only need one good, strong cup of coffee in the morning
  • no matter how hard I try, whatever the configuration of events, it takes me an hour to get out the door in the morning
  • I much prefer live recordings to studio (within reason, of course... I'm certainly not going to go out and purchase a live Bob Dylan album)
  • I can be terrible with call-backs. I really do want to talk. I promise.
  • sleeping temperatures in bedrooms should hover around 55-57F (down comforter preferred)
  • some words/terms have particular hold over me: riff-raff, indeed, accoutrement, wee... (and KFR, I have to say that your non-word "mayhaps" is creeping in)
  • I possess the ability to incessantly listen to the same song or album

1 comment:

Matto said...

It's you...in list form! It can't substitute for the real deal though.