No scary, please.

I've been avoiding the post for a good while now. It should come as no shock, I do not like scary things. I do not go to scary movies, I do not read scary books, I do not go on scary rides. Frankly, I don't really understand individuals who need the Big Bad to go about their daily lives. Of movie/book/ride trio, I find the scary/troublesome books to be the hardest to handle. Sure, there might be a more immediate scary/shock value with movies and rides, but the big bad of books stays with you.... reading in the dark with one light on... when there is no sound to speak of.... yikes! I'm currently reading two books that toe the line with the scary/disturbing. I'm not entirely sure how these two slipped into the queue around the same time. I started reading before really thinking it through. I knew they would be mildly disturbing, but certainly not scary. Certainly not! Thus I find myself absolutely extending my torture because I can't read these books at night, a normal reading time for me. The two main characters of In the Cut will forever be so close to the end they can both see it, but I've made no move to get through the "she knows/he knows she knows/she knows he knows she knows" ending. While leaving the In the Cut characters to hang out, what book do I then pick up???? MY FIRST STEPHEN KING NOVEL!!!!!!! I'm such an idiot! But this one isn't scary so much as disturbing, Different Seasons. Frankly, I'm getting stuck in "Apt Pupil".

Bluh. I need to go read Jane Austen.


Rachel said...

agreed. I just unpacked all of my books (they're currently in stacks on the floor) and realized where all my money went in grad school. Some people have a drug habit, some people like to gamble... I buy books.

Dolce Vita said...

Do you like humor? That's my current diversion (David Sedaris) and I recommend it because I, too, avoid the scary (and I think you described this perfectly in your post). I read the first chapter of Cujo and that is as far as I have ever gone with King.