costume fun


Thanks for your wishes of wellness! I made a full recovery by Saturday and then gathered my gnome costume, ready to celebrate Erin's birthday. The birthday girl wished for an enchanted costume party... she got that and more: an enchanted bowling costume party! My particular costume was that of garden gnome. Fun was had by all: the unicorn, medusa, the fawn, a peacock, an alligator, some fairies, the dragon herself.... The BCC outdid itself, yet again.

Well done, all! Really, I'm starting to believe that dressing in costume should be encouraged a bit more in American society. At least more than Halloween.

That is all.


the rambler said...

very cute!

SuperJew said...

Awww, I miss you guys! If I was there I'd be a lawn flamingo to compliment your stylie gnome!

Dolce Vita said...

Oh my that looked like so much fun. Thanks for the pictures!

(I also saw the one of your shadow with the leaves. It made me sad. I really miss that place and everyone there.)

Anonymous said...

I dare you to wear that the next wine tasting you do w/ the family.