Of interest.... or not.

First of all, when doing an "Of interest... or not" post one has to make the decision to use bullet points... or not. I've opted for the not, so clearly in my head I think I have some interesting things to say. Or not. Suddenly I just had the image of a debate much like the one between the The Man in Black (your hero and mine, Westley) and Vizzini in The Princess Bride... "You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!" But that is neither here nor there.

A few thoughts cropped up this evening. First (or is that second?), I must reiterate the deliciousness of the beer from the Schwelmer brewery in Germany. The Pils is particularly striking with a subtle hint of honey that absolutely slays me each and every time I have it. Sorry, I haven't had the Pils in a while and it is a fantastic beer. Additionally, I know an exceptional gal from a fine German town near this particular brewery. I must like it. Second, I didn't mind so much that the fellow who helped me at the Beer Haven called me "Hon" repeatedly. I was, after all, buying the delicious Schwelmer-Pils-with-a-hint-of-honey. But more than that, there was no creepiness in it. I heard the same in London, but it was "Love" there. I've since heard from a Brit that the term "Love" is not necessarily a given in England. I have to say, I enjoyed it when I heard it, probably needed it as well. But the "Hon"? Necessary? Probably not. Needed? Definitely not. What exactly is the social protocol for "Hon"? I don't, after all, live in the south. Is that the only reason that it didn't bother me, because I view it more as a weird southern hold-over, essentially foreign? Wait a minute, I say "honey" more than most (thanks Mom).... or not. I guess it's just enough to say that I haven't heard that in a while and enjoyed it more than the blanket "ma'am" that any female of 20+ years receives.

That is all.


Trust in Steel said...

The validity of the term 'Love' or 'Hon' (as with most other terms - not all) is best evaluated in the context and inflection of the delivery. Could be either harmless or completely insidious. If in doubt, Trust No One! The blog is back.

the rambler said...

My sister, now a full-fledged southerner - complete with accent - is a master at "hon" usage. I think it is rarely used for people one does not like - quite the opposite.

SuperJew said...

Miss E!!! Ok, so you'll be so proud. I've finally written my first official blog post. And since you are responsible for me having this, you have to read it. :) Ummm, I've linked you onto my page too...you know the..wwwwwwsmurfybadness page. ;)

Austin C. Parks said...

Oh E, you're in for it now! The Windy City is well represented! www.therekishininja.blogspot.com