treadmill, a random rant

Treadmills. They're devilish machines; a special kind of torture, methinks. When in the home, they're hidden away in rooms people don't use or covered with dirty clothes while in gyms they're lined up, displayed for all the world to see like a student of torture proudly displaying his tools of the trade. Yeah. Mostly I just find them inane and boring. If I ever had one in my home it would be in a room filled with boxes and TV from 1972. At gyms I rarely, if ever, use them. Run outside. Even better, run to the gym rather than drive your car. This is all a very long-winded way of saying I ran on a treadmill yesterday for the first time in years. I think the only reason I got on was due solely to the fact that a considerable amount of time had passed since my last go. Ugh. Are you kidding me? Running in place and getting nowhere? At least make it entertaining... I'm thinking something akin to the running wheel in a hamster's cage.

There is, I must admit, one entertaining side effect to running in place and getting nowhere. After a certain point of spinning your wheels, your workout done, you disembark. When you walk away from the machine is when the fun starts... not because you're no longer running, but because you feel like you're walking at warp speed. You might as well be standing on the deck of the Enterprise. Twenty minutes of running and not moving makes the motion (at least the view) of walking appear ridiculously fast. Try it sometime, then wait a few years and try it again. I promise you'll find it as entertaining as I did.

In other news, Lauren flies in tomorrow! C. and I shall retrieve her from the big city for the weekend. Huzzah! Now, I'm not psychic, but I see Easy Cheese in the future. Additionally, my old pal from the Cave (serendipitously, we had the same start day as Faces of the Basement) has got herself a shiny new blog -cough- never mind that 4 post drivel from a year ago -cough- . Give Teddy Jean a read.


Rachel said...

I like treadmills here. They're inside. The one time I went outside to run, I felt like I was going to melt into a giant puddle on the sidewalk. Not the most fun sensation ever. It's either the treadmill or the bike, and it's even more lame to bike in place, in my opinion. Besides, I'm still burning calories. :)

Dolce Vita said...

I am not a fan of treadmills. I watched TV during my single experience with them - Daily Show, so it was well worth it. But I had the worst vertigo when I got off and that has made me not want to get back on one. Perhaps if I told myself that I was walking fast, I wouldn't feel so dizzy.