one visit, one almost visit

Guest #2 arrives shortly. My abode is turning into a veritable hotel... or veritable Bed & Breakfast... or veritable Hostel... or I suppose the repeated use of "veritable" might diminish the meaning just a tad... but hey, who's counting? Incidentally, this also may be a veritable post of ellipses.... Err, I apologize.

The one visit: Trust in Steel will be here this evening, one stopping point on his move into the depths of hell better known as the L to the A. There are some visits, some food, and some billiards on the agenda.

The one almost visit: Ms. Naturally is once again on US soil. I believe much of her 24 hours in country were spent on sleeping, an appropriate and highly understandable response. This response, however, had an unfortunate side effect; she slept through our lunch. No problem, she'll be back down soon enough and I can entertain myself (read: eavesdrop on other customers of the eating establishment).

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Over and out.


Dolce Vita said...

Hell is relative, you know.

boxfactoryboy said...

Always the gracious host...to a fault as it were. But it does add interest to the day for sure.

Rachel said...

i'm sorry. :( I'm a terrible visitor. I'm now at home, and in absolute bliss to know that I can sleep on my own (sort of, since my room is technically a guest bedroom) sheets, and hug my cat. And I never have to speak with that horrid man ever again! :D And yes, I'll be back down to bug folks in a couple of weeks, money/resources permitting.