Today Was A Good Day

Out on a walk this afternoon I saw one of the Goodyear blimps. All I could think of was Ice Cube...

Small note on rappers, not that I listen to that much rap or have anything to say worth hearing: I miss the female rappers of the 90s. Salt n' Peppa, Queen Latifa, TLC.

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Rachel said...

it's funny you mention that. I thought that I had nothing really to say about rap either, until I realized that I have nothing to say about MALE rappers, and I actually really liked the female rappers you mentioned here (didn't buy their CDs though). Funny. I liked TLC best because they combined melodic lines with good raps, something most rappers can't do, hence 'features' which are stupid. :) Note to self: if am successful member of singing group, do not speed on bad roads in Central America.