in numbers: 7 days

  • 1 moderately awkward dinner= 3 normal people + 1 talker = 3.5 hours/2 gin & tonics
  • 850 miles in 19 hours of driving... averaging the staggering speed of 45 mph due to traffic and driving conditions, but well worth it. Woohoo!Cheese comparison
  • 2 states
  • 3 (wee) snakes
  • 2 tamales
  • 5 beautiful people
  • 1 missed funeral. bad.
  • 1 Easy Cheese Tower contest (picture at right)
  • 1 cuban cigar... more like a half, or 1/3
  • 22 hours worked in two days. Double Woohoo!
  • 1 trip to a government office = 2 new plates = 1 hour
  • omnipresent threat of bears... for some anyway, and particularly at night. Gasp!... yes, I'm including omnipresent as a number and I don't care what anyone says... I've worked way too many hours this week to care one hoot.


kungfuramone said...

Sounds like the corporate lifestyle has GOTCHA!!!

And I'm convinced that we were saved from the bears only by F's snoring. They were intimidated.

Dolce Vita said...

You got license plates in one hour! I think you have the record.

SuperJew said...

You're just lucky that my vampire routine of guarding our campsite kept that omnipresent threat at bay!