vacuum fun

The bits and pieces.
I'll freely admit it it. I'm one of those people who enjoys things like vacuuming. I don't know why, its a little twisted. But what can I say? Instant gratification. Anyhoo, today I purchased my first vacuum. Heretofore my vacuums have been either hand-me-downs or a roommate's. Now I have my very own. I even had the pleasure of assembling said vacuum. What little assemblage there was... They still managed to issue a great CAUTION for those who undertake the burdensome task.

Taking it out for a test drive.

R! gets in on the action. There's just too much fun for one person.
Perhaps one of the best parts of the whole process occured while reading through the instructions and list of parts. Some genius decided to name one of the attachments a "Crevice Wand." A *Crevice Wand*?!!!!!! Seriously, crevice wand. How does that phrase even make it out of the development process? Or perhaps this is how vacuum cleaner engineers entertain themselves. "Hey Bob, did you see that 'crevice wand' made it through the approval process? We buried that one pretty good!" Maybe James Dyson wouldn't do anything so juvenile, but he does seem a bit stuffy in the commercials.


Anonymous said...

"Crevice wand" is the dirtiest thing I've ever heard...

another kind of nerd said...

It still boggles my mind. I find I'll be walking around my house, stop, and just say "crevice wand." I have to shake my head. Crevice wand.

Anonymous said...

it makes sense in a sort of weird way though - I envision a narrow attachment with an angled head for getting those hard to reach corners. If it's not this, then it really doesn't make any sense, and is someone's idea of a very bad joke. :)