red swingline sessions

The fun continues! Entertaining events of the day... though they may have enough money to send me the San Fran, we had to pilfer an internet cable from some random desk so I could work. The chair was also interesting. Found in a hallway/breezeway (I guess my fast-track hire really upset the normal timeline of events for newbies), I sat in my chair and went about my day. Adjusted just so, things were moving along rather swimmingly. After awhile I noticed that I was sitting much lower.... wait, was I really sitting lower or did I really set the chair up high? Hmmm... sitting higher would be much more comfortable, I'll adjust. tappy-tap-tap-tap went the laptop keyboard* What the hell? Is there some cubicle troll that emerges from the Corporate Netherworld, the place where Junior Executives perform sacrifices before performance reviews, and lets my chair down? I saw nothing but a small, odd trail of some unidentifiable substance.... Needless to say, I'll have to find a new chair tomorrow. A new chair will either a) prove my troll theory correct or b) demonstrate that the chair was just broken. I think I'm pulling for the former rather than the latter.

I think I saw an sign like this in the parking lot...

*an oddly satisfying sound


Anonymous said...

Don't discredit the possibility that you are the victim of a covert chair ninja attack.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Initech is a dangerous place! Avoid the doorknobs.