Things I Know.

1. I have to go to San Francisco. I will see the cool cats of History days past. Not to be confused with the Cool Cats of Danish rock fame (see picture for reference). Hells yes.
2. There are still spiders waiting to gang up on me in the bathroom. I confronted their scouting party earlier this evening.
3. The anonymous voices from beyond the great padded walls of a cubicle that punctuate ambiant office noise invariably sound like TV and movie characters.
4. Academics are not the only ones who make up or appropriate words to suit their purposes.
5. I must subscribe to Flickr Pro. Balls.

That is it, for now. I don't want to overwhelm my readership.

6. This girl can cook biscuits and gravy.
7. Matt left the Coyote State behind and is now in the wild of the Pacific Northwest.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes this girl can. The votes are in.

Anonymous said...

When are you coming to see us? I'm very excited at the thougth of a road trip to SF to hang out!