Poop and such

In a moment of adolescent whimsy I checked out the various definition of the word "poop" in my wee, non-exhaustive paperback dictionary. First off, poop is such a fun word to say and write. The slightest change in timbre can add a whole new dimension to the word. Writing the word is fun as well, particularly in IM conversations. I find the useful/fun factor has an inverse relationship with the brevity of the "conversation."

Jane Doe: presentation?
John Doe: poop
Jane Doe: bugger.
John Doe: :-(

Don't even get me started on the related fun of the word "plop," particularly when used in combination with poop. With all this in mind, imagine my disappointment with my apparent misuse of the term. According to said dictionary, there are only 3 meanings worthy of definition:
n. naut. 1. A superstructure at the stern of a ship. 2. a poop deck.
v. slang To become or cause to become fatigued.
n. slang Inside information.

Though I find the existence of poop decks highly entertaining, this collection of definitions is incomplete.



kungfuramone said...

But that's awesome! Can you believe that the dictionary thinks that a phrase like "give me the straight poop, officer" is legitimate, but "I pooped on the floor when I was really drunk" isn't?! Hilarity!

another kind of nerd said...

Hilarity, indeed!