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Trust in Steel asked a very important question regarding my hypothetical ability to steal light a la Dumbledore*. And I quote, ahem: "Define productive - would you have cultivated your powers for good or evil?"

I must say, about two hours ago I would have been more than tempted to use them for what can be seen as good or evil. I would call it good. Others would not. You see, about two hours ago I hit hour 6.5 in meetings today. And none of that meeting time was actually in, what you might call, person. At this point in the evening (5:00pm) I had been on one call for 3 hours. Three hours. I had to switch my headset to give my left ear a rest. I would have used Dumbledore's power at that point. I could have shut the building down, thus ending my call.

* Please refer to the last post and related comments section to fill in any gaps or satisfy any curiosities.

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