impending hug attaaaaaack

I'm trying not brag here, but I've got an awesome Hug Attaaaaaack in my immediate future. I head on down to the Land of Strip Malls this afternoon for some work Big Doings and as a result, I get hugs on the corporate dime. Yay! In other news, Christmas shopping is moving in fits and starts. I'm still without migraine (yay! 3 weeks!) and hope to continue that trend. And I cut my hair. Which I'm sure all 5 of you wanted to know. Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Over and out.


Beetlegirl said...

Four hours and counting until I am swept up from work and head on over the hill for said HUG ATTACK!

Dolce Vita said...

You know I heard (long ago) that hugging pregnant women is really good for the developing munchkin. It sounded like an old wives tale to me, but I can see the wisdom. Hugs make you feel good, ergo good feelings all around, right?

So, how short is your hair?

Beetlegirl said...

I think the wee one appreciated the hugs last night...and the half-ton of delicious homemade pizza we ate!