The Game of Life

I had quite the exciting weekend: big trip to Costco, high school reunion, David Gray concert, kickball. Now I know that those four things may sound like the Seventh Level of Hell to many of you, and quite frankly Costco almost achieved that for me, but the rest was grand. Well, it was an interesting version of The Game of Life, writ large. People married just out of college? Check! People with lots of kids? Check! Doctors? Check! Lawyers? Check! Let's get to the lists:

High School Reunion, how time was spent:
  1. ignoring the asshats
  2. "I'm doing well! How are you? You look fantastic!" (rinse and repeat)
  3. find more interesting people on fringe
  4. talk with German exchange student (yes, he came specifically for the reunion)
  5. convo breakthroughs! after you slog through the initial ritual conversation, you move on to other, more entertaining and interesting, topics. hold the phone, people, a real conversation is possible!
  6. talk about kids
  7. win award for "most unusual job" because you're the only one who entered... who am I kidding, they saw my title and walked away with their heads in their hands because they knew they couldn't win
  8. gauge everyone's level of drunkenness and determine how that correlates to their born-again christian ethos

David Gray, in all his awesomeness:
  1. nicely cut 60s style suit
  2. fantastic new songs (he's so awesome he can pull off new songs in concert)
  3. my own personal greatest hits as the set-list
  4. piano & guitar, nothing else needed
  5. le sigh, David Gray


The Bandit said...

What the hell? You had a fab time at Costco and I have the video to prove it! They sent it to me to see if I recognized the person putting the 3 pound log of sausage in there horse feeder purse. Blonde and curly, who co it be now?

M and E said...

So jealous about the David Gray concert!!!! Glad you went and had a blast!!!!!