the longest week ever... maybe

I don't know if its because we're just now at the midway point between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this week just seemed to drag on. and on. and on. That okay though. Its Friday. I really have no pithy comment beyond that. It is the end to a long week, after all. Anyway, we're on the final slide towards the holidays so I thought I'd share some things that have kept me going. Apply liberally.
  • coffee
  • toast with peanut butter and jelly
  • elbow (see video below)
  • new adventures! I used my butcher block table!
  • dodgeball playoffs... alas, we did not win.
  • Deadwood... I feel as if I reviewed my notes from Advanced Cussing 401
  • evolving schemes of travel

chop chop on the butch block table!

Elbow - One Day Like This

Elbow - Grounds foe Divorce


kungfuramone said...

That...that band is GOOD. When is the last time you and I really agreed on music besides Eagles of Death Metal?!

Also: I am very pleased that you finally used that butcher block. That was what you made it for. It WANTS to be chopped-upon.

another kind of nerd said...

I know!

I was channel surfing one night and stopped on "One Day Like This." Hooked, I am.

The Bandit said...

Looks really good! I am kind of getting into brussel sprouts myself. Maybe you can make me some for Christmas.

Matto said...

That is one good looking table, and the brussel sprouts and carrots look so at home on it.