"Hey Pal, I love you. But.....

Be a man."

I awoke sometime last night to the apparent emotional breakdown of some drunk guy in the parking lot with his buddy. From what I could gather through the pillow over my head, the Dude got some woman pregnant (relationship status unknown, perhaps lost to the pillow). Anyway, he laid his insecurities bare through tears, the resultant large gulps of air, and then drinks of beer (always in that order). His friend developed a mantra of sorts to deal with the situation.

"I love you, Buddy. But be a man."

Over and over and over. Apparently being emotional and insecure and scared is okay so long as you're drunk. Oh, expressions of love are apparently okay between men as well, so long as the individuals are drunk, use words like "Pal" and "Buddy", and temper those expressions with "manly" things.

I don't want to think about this crap in the middle of the night. Hopefully the Dude remembered his friend telling him to "Be a man" through the hangover. Whatever that means.

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